Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's coming along

It's been a week since we have moved. We have had new neighbors bring over warm peanut butter cookies, fudgy brownie and sugar cookies. We have had friends bring housewarming gifts, and another friend celebrate his 21st birthday at the new bar.  We have a long way to go to get the boxes all unpacked but some progress was made this weekend.

All these are empty.

Then also there was a really cool bird walking the perimeter of the pond.

He was interesting to watch.

I am going to share a few pretty things that we have gotten together.

My table and chairs look pretty.

Tom has his bar stocked and all put together.
The beloved Detroit Tigers Fathead has been put on the wall.

I'm getting the dishes put in the hutch.

It's feeling more and more like home all the time.
The cats have adjusted  well.
Sebastian got out yesterday and then was crying frantically on the front porch.
They have lots of windows to look out of and also lots of room to run,
which at times sounds like horses galloping through the house.
The next picture is something that we don't see often.

Sebastian is on top and Stonewall is on the second level.
Must be because their belly's are full and they are mellow.
Stonewall doesn't usually let Sebastian get that close, let along be above him.

Rich who was helping us move made an observation.
It took one person to move our bed frame but two people to move the cat tree.
They are pretty important.

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