Monday, September 27, 2010

In Search of History

Kevin has a history project that has a whole list of items to choose from worth different amounts of points.
He has to have his picture taken at the site and he has to write up points about it in his own words.
The ones in our area had some of the highest points.
This is the interurban overpass that once was right outside of Monroeville.

This is where the 4 townships meet all named after Presidents.

This one is sad because of the advertising that was sold to go over the Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco.
It is on State Road 1, just south of 469.

This is where the interurban train station used to stand.
Don't know what year it was torn down, but we had to do some detective work on that one, using pictures and buildings.

This is on 101 going to Decatur.  This wasn't on the list but there are 5 points for historical items that are not on the list that should be. 

It should all equal up to 25 points.
I love history so it is fun for me too.
Plus he needs someone to take the picture and drive.

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