Tuesday, August 3, 2010

House Pics 08-03-2010

My Gosh, I think that is just breathtaking.
This is so sturdy, there is not a wiggle to it. 
This crew is fantastic also.
Such quality work.
Each day we come over is a treat.
The painters, Bob and Jeff are going to town.
All the basement has color, they are still working on the second coats.

Here are what those oval pieces are for!
This piece I wasn't really expecting.
What a great surprise.

The flooring in the master bath.
Flooring down by the shower.
Getting the closets ready for the shelving.

Studio Closet.

If I were a betting person this floor will have the vinyl on it tomorrow.
Well, I kinda am.....I have a thing for scratch offs.

This is an Oooh La La!
Doors like this will go on the Den and the Studio.
Glass will be going in the panes.
Here is a stack of doors and there is another just like it.
More trim arrived today also.
Steve said they will be pretty sick of trim by the time they are done.
I'm in agreement with him.

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